Id Activity Type Starting Period Description
P1 Other Project Events 12-2019 Project Management Activity 1- (All partners); – All partners will revise the project start-up meeting in project teams schools according to project activities.  – In this meeting, the timetable and the learning activities will be discussed and the activities will be shared with the project team.  – Web sites containing a project summary and activity list to be notified of the official approval of the partner schools.  – The eTwining social club teacher will also be selected at this meeting and all of them will be kept in the printed and signed copy project file and scanned separately by the team and signed up to the start-up meeting.  – Version for the project’s website.
P2 Other Project Events 01-2020 Project Management Activity 2- (The coordinator School); The coordinator school will be responsible for building the project’s website. All costs related to this website will be made with the PMI budget.
P3 Other Project Events 01-2020 Project Management Activity 3- (All schools); – The team responsible for the eTwinning platform in schools will start the eTwinning project. -The applicant school will lead the event and teachers from all schools can participate in the project. – The aim and activities of the project will be carried out by the school’s eTwinning coordinator.
P4 Other Project Events 01-2020 Project Management Activity 4- (All Partners, Executive Team); – The project first transnational meeting will be held in Turkey. – The meeting plan shall be prepared and sent by the applicant school. – All participants will bring the necessary documents (list of project team selected by the manager, list of teachers responsible for activities, timeline activity will be revised if necessary). – The meeting will last for 5 days and all costs will be covered by the project management and implementation budget.
P5 Other Project Events 02-2020 Project Activity 1-(All schools) – Introduction of schools; All schools will prepare a presentation on school districts and countries. – The responsible team at the school will prepare the presentation using online web 2.0 tools and share the relevant link on the eTwinning platform and put it on the Erasmus + board at the school. – All participants will present their project partners on their Erasmus + boards.
P6 Other Project Events 02-2020 Project Activity 2- (All Partners) – Project Logo Competition; – All partners announce the activity through Erasmus + Board and school web pages. – Logo competition activity steps and criteria will be sent to the coordinators by e-mail. – The event will last for 2 weeks. – The selected logo will be selected by the online web page platform. – The selected logo will be used for project related web sites and document presentations.
P7 Other Project Events 03-2020 Dissemination activity 1- (All partners) – Erasmus + Board; All partners will prepare an Erasmus + Dashboard in their school to announce their activities, presentations and other activities to disseminate their results.
P8 Other Project Events 11-2021 Project Activity 3- (All Partners); -The working groups will be determined. -The reports of the studies that have started in accordance with the current flow of the project in each school will be published on the eTwinning platform.
P9 Other Project Events 12-2021 Project Activity 4-(All schools) – Seminar at school; – Each participant school will contact competent institutions on the subject of peer bullying and will provide an awareness seminar at the school.
P10 Other Project Events 01-2022 Project Activity 5-(All partners) – The online questionnaire will be made by the coordinator and the partner school staff will participate and fill in this online survey and the results will be shared on the website platform.
P11 Other Project Events 02-2022 Project Activity 6- (All partners) – Each school will translate a selected study with Modern Loneliness in its own country into English and organize presentations in this school. -This work will be published in web page to be seen by public.
P12 Other Project Events 03-2022 Project Activity 7- (All partners) – Teachers from all schools in the coordinating team will list the selected study related to Modern Loneliness and find another study that they have researched on the topic and these studies will be discussed in a forum attended by teachers.
P13 Other Project Events 04-2022 Project Activity 8- (All partners) – In each school, a picture / photo competition about Cyber Bullying will be organized and the applications received will be published on the common web page.
P14 Other Project Events 05-2022 Project Activity 9- (All partners) A survey on cyber bullying
P15 Other Project Events 06-2022 Project Activity 10- (All partners) – The coordinating team in each school will make a contribution to the survey to be prepared on social bullying. With the researches carried out in each school, the reasons of social bullying in the country and the world will be examined and the questions aiming to measure the extent to which it has become widespread will be prepared.
P16 Other Project Events 09-2022 Project Activity 11- (All partners) -The survey prepared jointly by the participating schools (P15) will be implemented in all schools. Survey results will be published on the common web page.
P17 Other Project Events 10-2022 Project Activity 12- (All partners) -All participant schools will prepare a presentation on results of final meeting and will provide a seminar at the school.
P18 Other Project Events 11-2022 Dissemination activity 2- (All partners) -All participant schools will add the results of the project to the web pages of their institutions and ensure that they are announced in the local / national press and social media channels.