Konevi Anadolu Lisesi: which began its education life in 1982 under the name of Merkez High School, was named as 60th year High School in 1983 and Selçuklu High School in 1989. Secondary school section within the structure of the school was gradually removed starting from 1993-1994 academic year. Foreign Language Intensive High School was opened within the structure of our school in the same academic year. Last students of Foreign Language Intensive School were graduated in 2008. By gaining Anatolian High School status, it was named as Konevi Anatolian High School in 2010. Our school has achieved significant successes especially in the area of sports. It has ranked in football, chess, weight lifting, volleyball, folk dance competitions.

KONEVI AL has a wide experience in highly qualified facilities for training courses, meetings, workshops, etc. with different skills: its facilities, together with the staff’s skills, allow to always meet the stated/universal goals. Our school has realized a lot of European projects, especially with Erasmus Plus (KA1 and KA2), SOHO, Youth and Youthin Action, etc. KONEVI AL has developed a lot of decades different kinds of activities in many fields (IT – Information Technology, projects management, new technologies, education techniques, computer programmers, etc.) including workshops, conventions, conferences, meetings, several events. Staff of Konevi Anatolian High School has experience in encouraging social participation of people WHO are disadvantageous about European Project management and in sharing skills and best works.