Joniskis “Saule” main school is a local public school, teaching students aged 7-16.The education of the students is made in one shift. Most of our classrooms have got up-to-date computers and multimiadias. There are 135 pupils with specific needs in our school. Our school is located in the socio-economically disadvantaged area. In geographical aspects it is one of the most remote districts in the North of Lithuania. It is close to the Latvian border. Joniskis is an agricultural district so seasonal jobs dominate here. The level of unemployment is rather high. The industry is not developed except service.

A vision of the organization is a fully-educated, young person who will be able to study in other educational intitutions and have enough competencies to live in society, to realize the ideas,understand the importance of learning lifelong learning, and will be able to adapt in Lithuanian and European culture. Mission – to implement the state standards corresponding educational content, providing the conditions to finish scholl successfully. Provide Quality Knowledge, and use innovative teaching methods. Ensure safe and healthy education around. Ensure equal opportunities for all educated workers. Values of the scool: are every student, qualified teachers, collaborative parents and created working environment. Philosophy – Only by growing up you can grow. Most of our school teachers have very high qualification. Most of them have methodologist qualifications. There are several several productive groups: teachers’ methodical council, school’s Image Creation Group, Dofe Program Group, Teacher’s Attestation Team, student advancement and achievement team.

By participating in KA2 projects the school will be able to find good and responsible partners and in the future. We will be able to participate in KA2 projects and get quality experience in understanding cultural differences of other countries, good experience in practicing english language, showing the students other countries