The I.I.S.“G.A. Pischedda” has a complex development plan that looking to the future but with strong roots in the past and aims to build a most modern educational plan. In fact along the years, school has actively participated in the European programs for education and training projects like Comenius, Linguistic, Cultural, School development projects; FSE Projects for ECDL license and FESR for informatics infrastructure. Currently is participating in the Erasmus+ program with action KA1Staff mobility, KA1 VET; KA2 Strategic Partnerships. Bosa, where the IIS “GA Pischedda” is located, is a tourist town in the province of Oristano, in the North-West coast of Sardinia. This area has great environmental and natural resources; this heritage as been not really developed, even for the lack of synergies between different sectors.

The province is in a great distress socioeconomic condition as shown by a study: “L’Analisi territoriale e socio-economica della Provincia di Oristano” edited by S.I.L., with reference to the main indicators related to demographics, education, wealth, productivity, business structure, tourism.