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“Gheorghe Cartianu” Technical College from Piatra Neamt, N-E region in Romania, is a big technological high-school with 1361 students and 75 teachers. 72% of the school students are living in rural areas, in the same time the industry of the region is very poor because of the economical recession, agriculture and tourism are the base of the economy in the area. In this conditions we have to enhance our students with skills that will help them to work in small enterprises or microenterprises to be able to create their own businesses and to be able to be mobile, to work in other European countries if necessary.

The range of qualifications that can be obtained in our school is very broad and can be divided into major areas: -computers and computer science, -electronics and telecommunications, – fine technologies, – mechanics and metalworking, -construction and design of buildings, -textile and leather industry, -chemistry and environmental protection, – food industry and services. In each of these areas, we qualify our students at level 3 or 4 (VET or VET high school level).

The material basis of the school: -50 classrooms -13 workshops -19 laboratories (5 computer science) -a library with more than 50000 volumes -a gym -2 sports grounds -a canteen with a capacity of 200 students per turn -3 dormitories with the capacity of 600 students – a conference room with 150 seats For the practical training of pupils in the field of specific professional qualifications we have partnerships with the economic agents in the county. Gheorghe Cartianu Technical College is established in 1961 to present a modern education that catches up with European Standards.