6th Meeting and LTT Activities (Using Internet Consciously) in Italy

Between 19-23 September 2022, the fifth mobility took place within the scope of the “Technology – Addiction and Internet Addiction Syndrome (T-AIDS)” project.

The meeting was held at “Ave Maria San Isidro” College in Granada, Spain, and the theme was “Cyberbullying”. All teams involved in the project (partners from Turkey, Romania, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania) participated in the activities.
The program was as follows:

1st day:”Social Harassment” themed activities, learning, teaching and educational activities (“Social Bullying” Learning, teaching activity -LTTA) held at “Ave Maria San Isidro” College.
– Cultural trip: Albayzin and the city center.

1st day of LTT Activities in Colegio Ave Maria San Isidro: we started the activities with the signature of the participant list then made an evaluation of the content discussed in Peatra Neamt. Then the coordinator gave some information about the process and shared the details of the mobility tool. Later we discussed on the results of Cyberbullying survey. According to the results nearly all participant faced cyberbullying. The students made a presentation about their school , culture and traditions and they introduced us their eating styles. We made some activities with the students to meet themselves clearly. After lunch we had job shadowing activities in the school and we had a sightseeing tour in the center

2nd day:
– Discussion on the results of the surveys on Cyberbullying distributed in partner schools.
-Presentation of activities on Cyber ​​Bullying.
– I’m watching a movie about Cyberbullying
The event was held at the Casa Madre school in Granada.

2nd day LTT Activities: in the morning we visited Casa Madre School. We watched videos on cyber bullying and we worked on it. We produced solutions for this problem. Every partner wrote their solutions and according to them we will create some activities to be applied for students. It is going to be adapted to our curriculums.

3rd day:
-we visited the center and the Cathedral-Mosque in the city of Córdoba.

3rd LTT Activities: we had a cultural trip to Córdoba and learned a lot about the history and culture of the city and country. We had the theme “respect and understand each other although there are differences.

4th day:
– Disscussions on Cyberbullying
– Cultural visit to the Alhambra:

5th day:
– Recent activities on Cyberbullying.
– Completing the Satisfaction Survey

The fourth and fifth days activities of T-AIDS Technology Addiction and Internet Dependency Syndrome project in Granada/ Spain. Planning and reviewing following activities. ( January the 27th/ January the 28 th)

The next mobility will take place in Portugal on 21-25 March 2022.

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