2nd Meeting and LTT Activities (Modern Loneliness) in Romania

The second meeting was held in Romaina with the coordination of Colegiului Tehnic “Gheorghe Cartianu”.

The partners from Turkiye, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania participated this meeting. Italian partner couldn’t participate because of the covid restrictions.

In the meeting the topics below were discussed:

1. Presentation of modern loneliness
2.The results of questionnaires about modern loneliness
3.Discussion The results of questionnaires about modern loneliness
4.Sample studies to prevent modern loneliness (in class and in school)
5.Examples of effective methods to prevent modern loneliness
6.Modern Loneliness in Different Age Groups
7.School and family cooperation to prevent Modern loneliness
8.Transformation of Modern Loneliness into CyberBullying
9.The Thought of Participants on CyberBullying
10. Studies to be done by the participants on Modern Loneliness.
11.Counseling pupils by school counselors and school psychologists

In the second day of the activities we organize a workshop on robotic coding and created Friendship bracelet.

We learned to create s friendship bracelet. We learned about friendship created during sharing hobbies.

Students also shared their ideas how to solve modern loneliness.

We had studt visits to the universities in Suceava and Bacau.

We made job shadowing activities and learned a lot about the university system and their solutions to modern loneliness.

We visited the most attractive places in the local area. they are;


-The fortress from Suceava

-Bucovina Village Museum

-Salina Târgu Ocna

-Memorial houses, fortress, craftsmen’s workshops

The last day of the meeting we evaluated the overall activity and discussed about the next mobility.

We got our certificates. the next mobility will be held in Spain from 23 to 29 of January 2022.

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