1st Meeting and LTT activities (Technology and Internet Addiction) in Turkiye

The first meeting was held in Turkiye Konevi Anadolu Lisesi with the participation of all the partners.

In the 1st day the partners introduced their schools, cities and regions. 

The coordinator explained the overall project and gave the detailed information about things to be done.

In the afternoon we discussed on the flows and made a desicion about the dates. 

In the second day Trukish participants made their presentation on technology and internet addiction. The results of the surveys were discussed and according to the results all the partners will follow some tasks.

We visited Selcuk University Communication Faculty and there we held a conference on technology and internet addiction.

We learned a lot obout the benefits and the harms of technology and internet addiction.

In the last day we had a certificate ceramony and we got a feedback from  al the participants. 

And the coordinator informed all the partners about the tasks of 2nd flow.

Also we had cultural trip to the capital city Ankara and local sightseeing.   

Here you can see the photos of the transnational meeting being held in Turkey;

Padlet ile yapıldı

Padlet ile yapıldı

Padlet ile yapıldı

Padlet ile yapıldı
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